Sheet vinyl flooring could be the addition your home needs

Considering sheet vinyl flooring could be an excellent option for your home. These floors cater to the essential needs for visual appeal and durability. But they also offer a reasonable lifespan that can serve you up to 20 years.

Compare your list of requirements with the characteristics you find on these floors. You're likely to find they're a great match in every room of your home. And the more you know about the materials before you buy, the better the results will be.

Visuals for every decor scheme

Vinyl sheet flooring provides you with extensive looks for every decor scheme. You'll enjoy the look of natural stone, tile, and wood flooring. And each choice carries the colors and designs you expect. The lack of seams means fewer lines or visual disruptions for a more realistic look. The patterns replicate what you might find in actual tile installations, even in tile. And the elegance of stone is a fantastic addition to your most formal areas and more.

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Durability that matches your need

If you're a parent or pet owner, you're sure to love vinyl flooring and its protection. Again, the lack of seams comes into play for added protection. You won't have to worry about liquids seeping below your flooring to create odors. Scratch, stain, and scar protection are also a part of this durable profile. But it could be the complete waterproof protection that gives you the peace of mind you deserve. And it's the durability that helps sheet vinyl flooring achieve its expected lifespan.

Don't skip the professional installation

A professional installation is the best way to protect this whole-home investment. Since a single piece of vinyl sheet can cover an average-sized room, great precision is a must. And our professional technicians have the training, expertise, and all the required tools necessary.
Vinyl in Apache Junction, AZ from Red Mountain Carpet

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