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32 Oz.

Stone Enhance & Seal

Carpet Spotter

  • Food encrusted bake-ware​

  • Whitewall tires​

  • Engine grease​​

  • Vinyl awnings​

  • Painted surfaces

A neutral cleaner that leaves no sticky residue and is streak free. Will not soil grout joints and has a pleasant cherry fragrance!

Easy pre-measure bottle!

Transform Your Space

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cleaning Products

Red Mountain 

"Mountain Magic "         

Tile and Vinyl Cleaner

Product Overview

32 Oz.

Wood  Cleaner


The best universal cleaner you will ever find!
Removes Pet Stains, Ink, Catsup, Mustard, Grease & More from your carpeting and many other surfaces.

16 Oz. 

Stain Remover Spray

32 Oz. 

Stone Sealer

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Carpet and Tile

8.0 Oz.

Stain Remover

"Mountain Magic"

ROC #201105

Licensed Dealer

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  • Carpet Spotter​

  • Laundry Pre-spot​

  • Tile Floors​

  • Kitchens​​

  • Bathtubs